Full Face Using Drugstore Makeup

(I know this post is super late, it took a lot longer than I was expecting it to, hopefully it’s been worth it though)

Hey Guys
I’m aware that some of you might not have the budget for high-end makeup and to be honest I don’t a lot of the time either so today I thought I’d attempt to do a full face using only drugstore/high street makeup and talk about some of my favourites.

I started by using the collection primed and ready primer (£4.99) . This primer is my go to drugstore primer as it’s not too drying and is quite thick. I don’t apply primer to my forehead as my skin is just too dry for it but it does a great job of smoothing out my pores, especially on my nose and chin.

For eyeshadow I used the Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 shade pallete flawless matte (£8.00). This pallette came in at £8 and to me seems like a good dupe to a morphe pallette. It takes a few layers for it to become really pigmented but for the price and range of shades I was pretty impressed. I decided against using an eyeshadow primer as I couldn’t find one that really stuck out to me.

For concealer I used the collection lasting perfection concealer (£4.19) in shade Fair 1. Pretty much everyone I’ve met seems to rave about this concealer but I was pretty convinced it wasn’t going to stand up against my Urban Decay Naked Concealer…I was wrong. This concealer has quite easily and happily replaced my urban decay one and its £15 cheaper.

Next up we have the L’oreal 24 hr Matte Waterproof Foundation (£7.99). I’d been looking for a heavy coverage foundation and this one was recommended to me by a friend. Admittedly I’ve never attempted to wear it for 24 hours as that would probably destroy my skin but I will say that this stuff really doesn’t move. It is a little drying and doesn’t really have a shade quite pale enough for me so in future I’ll probably mix it with my Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation which will also make it a little bit more dewy and a closer match. For powder I just used my everyday Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder (£3.99) in shade 01 translucent (yes I really am that pale).

Contouring next and I used my B.Sculpted contour and highlighter kit (£1.99). Despite it being a little orange for me as long as its used gently its a great budget contour kit. You can see me talk about it more here in my contouring post. I’m not a massive fan of cream highlighter so I opted to use the Makeup Revolution Highlighter (£3.00) in shade Golden Lights. I feel like this shade in particular would look amazing on darker skin tones but worked pretty well for me too

I have two blushers to talk about today. The first is the blusher I use everyday which is the beautyUK blush and brush in shade no 3 upper east side. I’ve had this for so long I’m not even sure it exists anymore but I figured since I use it so often it was worth mentioning. The second is from good old Primark. Their blusher is shade Amaretto (£1.50) worked nicely with my skin as I have naturally pink cheeks, I personally think it would also look amazing on tanned skin.

For eyeliner I used my everyday eyeliner which is the Collection fast stroke eyeliner (£2.99). This eyeliner is super pigmented and very liquidy (fairly sure liquidy isn’t a word). If you’re a little intimidated by liquid eyeliner I’d avoid this as there isn’t really a lot of room for mistakes however I do find it’s quite easy to remove.

Up next is mascara and admittedly I’ve always struggled to find a drugstore mascara that I really liked however I’ve come across one which I wouldn’t mind using as a backup if I couldn’t use my favourite. The Rimmel wonderfull wake me up mascara (£7.99) is definitely more of a lengthening mascara than a volumising one however it didn’t smudge all that much and didn’t irritate my eyes either.

I looked around for an eyebrow product I liked for a while as I like my brows to look quite natural and most places are producing gels and pomades rather than powders. After quite an arduous stroll round Superdrug I found the Rimmel brow this way eyebrow kit (£3.99), although it’s quite a simple kit it was pretty pigmented although I ditched the brush straight away as it was bloody useless.

Lastly for lips I used the Maybelline superstay 24hr colour in the shade 611 creme caramel (£8.99). I absolutely swear by this product, the pigmentation and staying power is amazing. Because you apply a layer of Vaseline type stuff over the top it doesn’t dry out your lips either.

Overall the products came to £59.61. I’d say my top three favourite products were the collection concealer, the collection eyeliner and the Maybelline liquid lipstick and my least favourite was probably the Rimmel eyebrow kit, I just wasn’t feeling it.

I hope this may have helped some of you find some good dupes or just affordable makeup of a decent quality, let me know if you try out any of the products in the comments and tell me some of your favourite drugstore/highstreet products.


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