Naked 2 Pallet Smokey Eye

Hey Guys

I’m a huge Urban Decay fan, the first eyeshadow pallet I actually owned was the Naked 2 pallet andddd they don’t test on animals which is always a huge bonus. Luckily for me the girls who work at my closest Urban Decay counter are very lovely although admittedly this does make me spend even more. Since it was my first pallet I decided it would be nice for my first tutorial to based around it. After all, its one of the first looks I learned to do.

Before applying my eyeshadows I use the Urban Decay Primer potion. If you don’t usually use eyeshadow primer I highly recommend investing in some as its made a huge difference to the way my eye makeup lasts. It really helps to stop your eyeshadow from running off your face and onto your socket and brow bone. I start then by applying the shade Foxy all over my lid as a base shade. For darker skin you can ignore this step and instead just apply foxy to the inner corner rather than over the whole lid. I then apply bootycall to the inner corner of my eye. As a general rule of thumb I try to use lighter shades on the inside of the eye as darker shades can make the eyes appear smaller.

I work tease from my central lid outwards making sure theres good coverage on my mid lid. The darker you make this step the darker the overall look will be. I then use busted on the outer third of my eye working it into the outer corner. It’s at this point you can decide how dark you want your smoky eye to be. For a gentler, nude toned look use busted in the crease too. For a darker look use blackout for the outer corner and crease. The most important part of a smoky eye look is blending out the crease as this is what provides the smudged smoky effect. For this pallet I also find its really integral to layer on both tease and busted to make the look dark and smoky.

Here’s the look

I bloody hate doing close ups πŸ˜‚ (please excuse my brows they were at a strange angle)

Let me know down below if you try out this tutorial, I was also thinking of doing some video tutorials on a youtube channel instead so let me know if you’d like that

Love you all

Bye πŸ™‚






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