My Skincare Routine

Hey Guys

My skin is super problematic. I don’t have full-fledged acne or huge pores nor is my skin really oily but its combination of being dry and spot prone can make it really difficult for me to get it looking clear. I have sub-clinical acne on my forehead and my glabella and nose are super dry, along with this my chin is pretty spot prone. At least my cheeks are alright tho. Today I thought I’d share with you how I combat this without having to change my eating or makeup wearing habits ( cause let’s be real we all know that aint gonna happen).

Since I shower on a night I start by just soaking my face in the shower. The warm water and steam helps open pores allowing for a deeper clean. I use a neutrogena face wash (usually the Pink Grapefruit) to wash off my makeup and get rid of any bacteria and dirt that’s got on my face throughout the day. Once a week I’ll also use a face mask to get a really deep clean (face mask post coming soon!). The next shower based step is an exfoliator. I’m currently in love with a lime tree one from HEMA, you’ll learn that I bloody love HEMA, however after searching online I think its only available from their Netherlands shops and website as I brought it when I was in holland. Exfoliation is so important when you have dry skin as the left over flaky skin can clog your pores and make your skin surface uneven.

Once out the shower I use a clean towel to dry my face to prevent bacteria from getting into my open pores. Before my face is completely dry I apply a charcoal nose strip to clear my pores (also sometimes applied to my chin) and wait for it to dry. To get rid of any remnants of eye makeup I use the HEMA 3 in 1 micellar water as its gentle enough for the eyes without compromising power. Next I apply my Garnier Skin naturals toner. It’s really good for sensitive skin there’s no colourants, alcohol or perfume. To find a toner so cheap that’s chock full of vitamins and is so soothing to the skin really was lucky and its now my go to. My next step is moisturising. As I said before my skin is super dry so I have tons of different moisturisers but today I’m gonna talk about two in particular. The first one is my everyday moisturiser. The Clean And Clear Dual Action Moisturiser is great for skin that’s dry and acne prone as its oil free so helps prevent flakiness without clogging your pores and causing spots. Its pretty minty and cold and tends to make my skin feel like its tingling which makes me wonder if it might upset particularly sensitive skin however for my skin type its pretty much perfect. The second is The Body Shops Vitamin E moisture mask. It’s a super thick consistency and is really powerful so can clog up your pores if you use it too often but for weekly/bi weekly use its great for dry skin. After moisturiser its time to treat my spots individually. I apply Lushs Greased Lightning to dry out my spots overnight. As its Lush you know its super good for your skin and it really helps my spots heal and go without scarring. Lastly I apply vaseline to my lips and eyelashes and my routine is complete.

Let me know down in the comments what your skin is like and the products you love and tell me if you decide to try out any of the products I recommended. I love hearing your opinions 🙂


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