The Contouring Struggle

Hey Guys

So today I want to talk about contouring. For those of you who don’t know I’m pale, like super pale. In the current photo within my About Me id just been for a fake tan and I’d edited the saturation to make me look tanner. I have loads of freckles, it’s almost impossible to find a foundation that matches and I burn as soon as I step outside. Because of this I was terrified of contouring for a long time. It made me look orange and cakey but today I have a few suggestions if you too fear contouring like I used to. They are all from different price ranges and are all available in different shades for different skin tones.

The first on the list is the B.Sculpted contour kit. At £3.15 at your local Superdrug this is the perfect budget contour kit. It’s available in three shades Light, Medium and Dark and features a dark powder for contouring and a shiny cream highlighter. The powder allows for you to gently build up which is great for all my fellow pale friends out there however it is very pigmented so if it’s a more dramatic look you’re after. The powder however does have very orange undertones which didn’t match my skin tone particularly well however if your skin has more of a yellow undertone then this is the contour pallet for you. The cream highlighter requires some heavy application to make you look really glowy and unfortunately it doesn’t blend very well using a brush but using your fingers can help combat that issue. Overall as a cheap option this contour kit stands up pretty well against its more expensive competitors.


Our next kit is the Urban Decay Naked Flushed highlighter, bronzer and blusher pallet. At £25 and available at your local beauty counter or department store (my personal favourite being Debenhams) this contour kit is perfect for those who are already quite comfortable using bronzer and highlighter. It’s carefully put together complimenting blusher and bronzer shades really allow for that sun-kissed look, even if it is the middle of winter. In my opinion the only downside is its range of shades. As a more expensive brand I would’ve expected more options than just the three shades. If your skin is particularly light or dark the shades may struggle to blend into your look naturally however overall its shimmery highlighter and beautifully pigmented blush make this one of my all time favourites.


Last though but certainly not least, my all time favourite and the top of this list we have Too Faced Cocoa Contour. This is my go to pallet and the one I use almost every day. Although its only available in two shades (cocoa contour light to medium and cocoa contour deep) it has two bronzer shades in each pallet which not only caters to various skin tones but also allows for a gradual build up on different areas of your face. It’s also the only pallet on this list to feature a matte powder highlighter along with a sparkly powder highlighter, something I was after for a long time. The main thing I love about this pallet though is the shades in themselves simply because they aren’t orange. For so long I struggled to find a bronzer that didn’t make me look orange as this one has certainly succeeded. If you have pink undertones or a lack of undertone completely like me then you’ll find the brown shades of this pallet are perfect. The powders blend out seamlessly and never look cakey and to top it all of they smell like chocolate. It also comes with “the buki brush” which I currently use to apply the matte highlighter. Available from most department stores as well as too faced’s own site and coming in at £32 this is easily the best contour pallet I’ve ever used.


Tell me down in the comments your favourites and maybe I’ll try them out, its the perfect excuse to buy new makeup 🙂


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