Forever 21 Haul

I recently ordered a bunch of stuff online from forever 21 and I made the mistake of having it delivered to a store near me (Side note, their delivery charges are bloody huge). Of course whilst I was in there I went a little mad and decided to buy even more. I mean, whats a girl to do when she’s just been paid. All together there was:

Both jumpers are insanely comfy and also have long enough arms to cover my lankiness. The socks are thinner than I was expecting but are again very comfortable although they are a little tight considering my legs aren’t particularly big. I’d maybe consider getting a size above what you usually do. The crop top is really nice quality however BEWARE of lifting your arms whilst wearing it. It will ride up high and you’ll probably end up exposing far more than you were planning to. The hat is super warm and cute and so far hasn’t given me too bad of a case of hat hair (fingers crossed). The best item out if them all though has got to be the black lace up top. Since lace up shirts first came in I have searched high and low for a top that doesn’t look utterly ridiculous on me. I am a reluctant member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee and every shirt I tried just made me look flat chested or lop sided but this shirt. It’s the real MVP. It gives me cleavage that I don’t have and somehow doesn’t show my bra (I don’t know how either).

Quality: 4/5

Fit: 3/5

Staff: 2/5 (This was at the Birmingham Forever 21)


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