So I started a blog, oh how great and lovely…then I broke my laptop, not so great and not so lovely either. I decided it was time to invest in a new one as my old one was on its last legs and now I have a very shiny new MacBook.

I begin then today by telling you about a new purchase of mine (no not the MacBook). I recently acquired the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Sweets Palette and its by far one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen. I’d imagine buying it to be a similar feeling to what taking home your first-born is like. Despite its hefty price tag I feel it’s definitely worth it if you have the funds available, especially if you’re as obsessed with looking glowy as what I am.

Its lightest shade “Marshmallow” I use on my cupids bow and beneath my eyebrows. For my cheekbones I combine “Sassy Grape” ,”Taffy” and “Butterscotch” to add a pop of colour to my highlight. Lastly I use “Butterscotch” on the tip of my nose as this colour brings out my freckles, a part of me I’ve grown to love. Overall I’d recommend this pallet if you prefer to have a gentler highlight however by using a combination of colours and by layering its easy to build up if you’re going for a more dramatic look.

Price: 3/5

Appearance: 5/5

Quality: 5/5





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