New Year, New…Something


So I’ve decided to start a blog, terribly cliché to do on the first of January (I have a blatant aversion to the “New Year, New Me bollocks) but none the less here it is. I’ve yet to decide quite exactly what this blog will be, how often I will post or even if it’s a good decision (very reassuring I know). I have, with no uncertainty, really flung myself into a colossal pile of work. However, with a little luck, I hope that maybe this blog might help me and others around me. I’m not saying it’ll be important and it’s certainly not necessary but who knows, maybe it’ll stop me from being so shy, maybe I’ll make new friends or maybe I might even help some of you. Either way…wish me luck.


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  1. Good luck with your new venture! And thanks for the follow A x


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